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reasons to play forex

reasons to play forex

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Reply someone ask you, "why did you choose to become a forex trader?" Approximately, what is your answer? Owh, of course there are many reasons why you are nowchoosing to be a forex trader. Of rational reasons to tend to personal reasons, which are sometimes not very rational. Hehehe!


Uh, rational kok gak sih? Mean? For example, you choose to become a trader because you happen to fall in love with a trader, too. Hehehe! OK deh, I won't go into the reasons for which its nature personal, because it will certainly be very varied for each trader. Let us discuss about the rational reasons why being a forex trader it can be an alternative activity or even professions that benefit economically.

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There are many advantages of forex trading (online) compared to other business activities. One of them is the flexibility of the time. Become a forex trader means you can do activities according to the time that you can spend. Forex market "open" 24 hours in 5 working days. Theoretically, you can choose your time to trade whenever you like.


Want morning trading? Please. Lunch? Okay ajah. Afternoon? Not a problem. Night?Can. Past midnight? May-be aja sih. Uh, but the origin of the "man next door" you do not grumble-grumble. HIHIHI! Well, bottom line, you could be trading when aja. Anyway it's up deh! Fun right? Secondly, the flexibility of the venue. You can trade anywhere. As long as there are gadgets that connect to the internet, where you can trade. Want to trade at the Office, on campus, at the café, at homein a room, the ato in the bathroom? Can. Third, the flexibility of capital. You may choose the magnitude of investments in accordance with proficiency. Want $5 or $5 million can also be kok ...


Next is margin trading facilities. Well, he's one of the advantages of trading forex trading than the others, even compared to compared to stock (stock) trading. Forex brokers typically provide margin trading facilities, where with this facility, the trader can trade with a much higher quantitas compared with invested capital. With margin trading, traders could Transact registration e.g. by investing only $1.000 of $100. Of course this makes the possibility of obtaining profit in forex trading can be much higher than in traditional stock trading or trading in which we must provide funds amounting to quantitas we trade.


Uh, but please keep in mind, this facility also makes forex trading becoming higher risk compared with e.g. trading in stocks that do not use margin trading. The highestrisk of loss in forex trading usually happens when we experience a margin call, which could mean our capital runs out. Compare with the risk of loss in trading stocks that will occur in the event of a decline in stock prices that are theoretically likely to tiny sampe to zero. Well, of course it depends on the preferences or options of each trader's. Want to select a high profit, high risk, or are relatively safe.


Well, with the rational reasons above aja sih dah I think enough to make a trader sets the options for the next → into the world of forex trading deh. Of course an additional reason that may be still more personal for each trader. Mm, for me anyway, personal reasons why I seneng so trader, among other things because I not have to dress up for "work away". Eh, don't ngetawain well! For me, it can work (trading) just pake shirt plus shorts are a delicacy loh ... HIHIHI!