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Play forex strategy

Play forex strategy

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Intraday trading is indeed not like the technique of long term trader demands patience in awaiting assurance trading results. The position opened and closed on the same day, so that traders can get a profit on that day. And if they got a loss, the losswould not be protracted.


Such techniques are more readily assist traders to quickly move on and focus looking for new opportunities in the next day. Perhaps, that's what makes popular intraday trading many traders.


However, there are so many forex strategy that can be applied, and often make traders confused determine forex strategy mainstay. Suitable time frame applied in H1 and H4, the following 5 options intraday trading strategies that you can try.


Forex strategy highlights for intraday trading


Trend Following
Trend following forex strategy often is plotted as the easiest in intraday trading, the mainstay. Basically, you just identified a trend in the price chart and acting followed suit. Trend following strategies that we discussed here is the recommendation from the HumbleTraders Sadowski, Romance and just use a combination of the lines of the Exponential Moving Average (EMA).


Setup chart to this mainstay of forex strategy involves:


EMA period as fast MA
EMA period 60 as the slow MA
EMA period 100 as an indicator of trend
A buy signal occurs when the 20 EMA EMA cut 60 from bottom to top. When the 20EMA EMA cut 60 from top to bottom, then it can be interpreted as a sell signal.


On the other hand, EMA 100 reliable accurate trend as a marker. If the line indicatormoves conclusively on the price, then the market is being dominated by a bearish trend. As for when EMA 100 moves below the price, then the bullish trend was the one who was more dominant. The 100 EMA cut prices from bottom to top marks a change of trend from bullish to bearish, and vice versa if the price crosses over 100 EMA from top to bottom.


Trend following strategies for intraday trading
In the scenario of the 100 EMA moves near or even adjacent to the price, it indicates the uncertainty of the market. The 20 EMA crosses and EMA 60 under such conditions should be controlled well. Do not rush to follow up on the signal crossing before EMA 100 shows a clear trend direction change.


Trend following strategies for intraday trading 1


News Trading
Response rates against a news release major impact is indeed quite significantly, so that it can present considerable opportunities for intraday trading. In this regard, it is important for you to understand the norms of trading upon the news. Follow release schedule news on forex calendar, as well as interesting thread of consensus figures, previous, and actual data is a capability that must be possessed by a news trader.


Consideration of entry is strongly advised to wait until the news is completely slid and the effects initially subsided. You could wait about 15 to 30 minutes after the news release, and then plotting the position of the entry with the price action. NFP trading strategies simple from Cory<